About Shooqs, Fashion and Life

About Shooqs, Fashion and Life

Once upon a time, there were two friends (in fashion) who struggled to buy a t-shirt they liked; either they did not like the prints or quality or price. One evening they sat down and decided to make their own high-quality natural fibre, affordable and standing-out print t-shirts. That is how Shooqs was born.

We are a two-friend urban fashion brand chasing streetwear trends and working with urban artists and graphic designers around the globe. We constantly feel inspired by the beauty of different countries and cultures and try to reflect the best of these inspirations in our work. In our hearts, we believe in comfort, quality, uniqueness, and letting you be you.

We encourage you to have your own fashion sense and follow your instincts. Nobody can tell you what you should wear or should not. In many cases, celebrities, magazines and media are pushing the agenda of out-of-control consumerism for you to buy something you don't like or don't need. It is only for you to decide what type of trousers / t-shirt / dress you have to wear, what colour is fashionable (perhaps it depends on your mood today), and what is most comfortable for you. This is a reference to what happened to skinny jeans. Just please, wear them if you are feeling comfortable. In order for you not to get lost in this modern fashion jungle, we are here to give you our honest opinion on how we see things after being in this industry for many years and knowing some ins and outs.

There are lots of discussions around fashion sustainability these days. We are far from this path to being a sustainable brand, but every step of the way, we will do our best to improve and keep you informed. Our first step is high-quality materials, so you can enjoy your t-shirts for longer. Keep washing and wearing them so they do not appear in a landfill. We can also teach you how to repurpose them at the end of their shell life (we promise to make some videos for you in the future). Our second step is to produce our t-shirts closer to home (Europe/ North Africa), where we have better control of quality, processes and compliance and, of course, help closer regions to develop economically.

Can fashion be 100% sustainable? That is the question. For example, making T-shirts includes multiple processes, from material growth to making yarns, knitting fabric, dyeing, printing, sewing, packaging and transporting. Making every process sustainable would require enormous effort and almost manual labour along the way, but that does not mean it is not worth it. We hope one day, we will be in a position where we can participate in making fashion more sustainable.

For now, we are presenting our first urban fashion collection inspired by Japanese culture (we always wanted to go there and always felt inspired by its magnitude). Prints were created by Colombian graphic designer Laura Grisales. You would say, what a weird choice, why the designer is not Japanese, but is it not great to see how somebody from another part of the world perceives different culture? Our mission is connecting the world, getting to know each other artistically (not only) and showing what every part of the world can offer us. With technologies, we are closer to each other.

Dearest friend / consumer / buyer, if you are free, young or active, love experimenting, and love colour splash, please enjoy our t-shirts, spread the word about them, and make your friends and family buy them. Post your journey with our t-shirts on social media in every step of the way. We are a small brand, and we will appreciate your help in helping us to grow and show what we have to offer to the world.

Love and Peace from Shooqs co-founders

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